30 March 2009

And the winner is...

Thank you to everyone who visited and left comments this past week. I appreciate you helping me kick off this blog. I've had a ball so far.

So I drew the names at 8 p.m. Sunday, as I described in my first post. I had a hard time figuring out who was just wishing me well and who wanted to be in the drawing, so I put the name of every person who commented on a slip of paper. (I decided that if I drew someone who didn't want the goodies, I'd just draw another name.) I got dressed up and took one of the Woodsman's Stetson fedoras and tossed the slips of paper in.
I stirred the slips around and around,
I closed my eyes, and drew out one little slip...
The winner is hwest, otherwise known as goddess-help-me. Congratulations, Heather! Just contact me privately and let me know where to ship your goodies. I will get them out in the next couple of days. I really want to see what you'll do with them.

I'll be back soon with exciting news. (Exciting to me, anyway!)



Anonymous said...

I hope my hat survived. It is my favorite one. It makes me think of that Joe Cocker song.

essie said...

Oh I'm so happy for Heather.
She really deserve it.
And you are so kind to do this for her.


~Barb~ said...

How wonderful...and congratulations to Heather!
Peace & Love,
♥ Barb ♥

DeadpanAlley said...

Yay for Heather!

*sits quietly and stares at the screen to wait for the exciting news*

*still sitting*


*eyes drooping*




DeadpanAlley said...

One more thing.

I find it strange that no one commented on your gloves and lovely bracelet.

Consider them...um...commented upon.

I think that was all I wanted to say...


*slips out of the room sideways*

SugarCain said...

Liese, Thank you for noticing my elegant attire. I didn't want to look like a fat nightbug.

Honey, That Joe Cocker song is your ringtone. Of course, for obvious reasons, you never hear your ringtone.

Where's Heather?

DeadpanAlley said...

did Heather ever arrive? *curious*

cuz...you know...i'm open to a new drawing...

*stuffs 14 slips of paper in the hat with LIESE printed on them*


goddess-help-me said...

No, I'm here, I'm here, really I am! Sugar, I"m going to PM you through ODA, so that my address isn't posted for the world to see. :D I don't know why the email I sent didn't get to you- I used the one you left on the contact us form from my site. I'm super excited about this!