25 March 2009

Courtney and Melvin about a month before the breakup

Original pencil and ink drawing by angelique on page 267 of the Compact Desk Edition of Webster’s New World Dictionary (1962), 6 x 9 in.

Melvin is the kind of weasel who likes people to think he’s so smart. Courtney has to watch him every minute so that he doesn’t run up the credit cards or have things delivered COD. He can’t make a living because she keeps him tethered to her wrist—but she must, because she cannot trust him out of her sight.

Courtney sews her own clothing out of thrift store finds. Why not? She makes a decent living, but why should she throw her money away on ill-fitting garments that will never reveal her style and never fit her non-existent waist? Melvin calls her designs “pedestrian” and whines while she shops for cheap fabrics.

You can see how he would get on her nerves.
I like to read the poetry in the piece.

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