22 March 2009

A give-away in honor of my first post

Dear Readers (all three of you),
This is the first entry of the rest of my blog.

Being a perfectionist, I have been filled with dread at the thought of beginning… something permanent, public, and personal. Finally I could see that I must just jump into the water and start swimming, or I will never get anywhere. Splash.

I have been working for months to improve my creative flow by organizing my workspace. Well, it isn’t my workspace yet… it has been the room where we shoved all the boxes we didn’t need to unpack from our move (last August!). I feel like an archaeologist, uncovering layers of my former selves. (I even made my son a scrapbook of all of the little boy stuff I’d been archiving from his birth onward.)

I have been working at the dining room table. It’s not ideal. For one thing, my mess is very unattractive. For another, we have to eat dinner on TV trays. And the third: An hour ago I spilled three quarters of a cup of hot tea on the table… and the doll parts… and the tools… Fortunately, I grabbed a big handful of muslin and sopped it up before damage was done. I smack my cloth dolls with a teabag anyway before I call them finished.

I wish I had taken a photo of the room when I began. It was literally wall-to-wall (and up the walls) boxes. Here’s what it looks like today:

For now, I don’t expect it to be attractive, although I’ll be working toward that. All I want is a quiet friendly room where the dollies and sewing can be left out without the danger of being eaten by small dogs or doused with tea. I’d also like to be able to find the items I know I own.

I am also planning to list my first item in my new Etsy shop. She is a little bunny with a big imagination. She comes with two hats that she uses to play dress-up.

Here she is wearing her tall witch hat. You can see more of her at my Etsy shop.

In honor of my progress, I will be giving away some of the things I’ve excavated. In the pile so far are a very cute pattern for a twenty-inch dress, a pattern for “Amanda Lou” (and friends) by Cindy Taylor Oates, a Dover book of Victorian frames, borders, and cuts, and a chubby little Berenger baby with the cutest toes. None of these things has ever been used.

I will draw the name out of a vintage hat at eight o'clock in the evening on March 29. All you have to do to get your name in the drawing is to leave a comment telling how you chose the name for your Internet identity or your online shop or blog.



~Barb~ said...

I am so glad that you dove in and decided to join the world of blogging. Nothing to be afraid of, you are in a great place and your creativity will just soar with the friends you'll make...I'm sure of it.

Count me in on your giveaway, please. I'm all about goodies! lol

Peace & Love,
♥ Barb ♥

dragonflies on lamp posts said...

Thank you so much for stopping by - Barb is a gem!!

As for your idea, I honestly hadn't thought of that. It sounds like such a great idea too and one that he could also take part in.

I greatly appreciate the advice, I am game to try anything and everything!!

pray said...

Hooray! Glad you decided to dive right in. Your blog page is lovely. Here's to a very successful etsy launch!

angelique said...

Thanks for your visits and comments, Barb, Dragonflies, and Pati! I'm adding more stuff to the give-away stack, so pass it on! Don't forget to tell why/how you chose your online name or shop name.


goddess-help-me said...

Hello Angelique- My name is Heather, on the ODA forum, you'll see me as hwest, which is obviously based on my name- LOL, but my "shop name", if you will, is Fairy Tales and Forgotten Dreams. My first showing in a small gallery was called that, just on a whim, since all the pieces were snippets of fairytales, or small dreams that I'd almost forgotten about. I fell in love with the name after the whim, and kept it.

I'm also on Live journal as goddess_help_me, which was chosen because I hated my old name, and I was washing dishes and the phrase "goddess, help me out here" just popped out of my mouth. So, I kept it. :D

Feel free to visit me either at Live Journal, if you wish (I post lots of my WIPs there, or just random thoughts), or at my website http://fairytalesandforgottendreams.webs.com, if you feel like it.

I'm a bit chatty, but I don't bite. :D

Kabi Designs said...

You Blog is Lovely ^_^

Ansemom said...

How fun. My husband is an editor too.. and my brother lives in Lexington, KY . Small world.
I am also entering in your drawing and My Screen name well for Google is just my name.. my friend set it up for me, but for on the OG Ansemom , The first initials of my childrens' names And MOM at the end

Susan said...

Hey cousin. Am spreading the word for you. Hope it will bring you some traffic.

mverno said...

i'm in it to win it babe mverno@roadrunner.com

lfhpueblo said...

I'd love to win. I choose the name based on my own name. I use the Google Account format, but in case you need it anyways here it is
lfhpueblo (at) msn (dot) com

sweetsue said...

My blog name is pregnantkatiesmom. I chose it because my daughter was pregnant with her second baby and said she wanted 6 children. I figured she would be pregnant forever. She has since changed her mind, and is settling for two. Thanks for the cool giveaway!
smchester at gmail dot com

zoe750 said...

hiya angelique my name is zoe but you know me better as muts (oda, etsy and practically everywhere really)my name was originally mutley as in muttley from whackey races my husband gave me it when were first going out cos of my laugh) ive had to cut my name to muts at most places due to the fact that someone else has nicked it hehe.
my ebay id is mutley1970 due to the fact that thats when i was born hehe
and the name on my business card is Z.O.O Designs

I love your blog and i think this is a wonderful thing you are doing
spk soon xxxxxxxxxxx

Kyndra said...

I chose "The Dark, Dark Blog", because it is a spoof on the title of a children's book I am working on. Alas,I'm a bit of a failure as a blogger as I spend all my time writing.......um the book. Lol. I'm trying to catch up with the book, the blog, my job, and my kid. It's impossible torture, but I like it like that. :)

themeimlookingfor at yahoo dot com

Missesprincess said...

I chose my screen name based on my nickname given to me in high school by my boyfriend ~ Missesprincess...it became my nickname amongst family and friends, then became my hotmail address and now I use it everywhere.

Renee G said...

I don't have a blog or blog name yet --- although I'm definitely considering it. I usually just post as Renee G or occasionally as mommycpa. (A combination of my full time job and part time job away from home. )

Becky said...

My blog name The Diverse Woman came about because I couldn't decide on anything else. I kept thinking Yes I am a Grandma, Yes I am a Wife, Yes I am a Mom, I work outside the home, Love to read books (all types), dabble in creating things, etc. So hence the name.

Thanks so much!

dbkagrayson2002 at gmail dot com

Brenda, The Vintage Polka Dot said...

Hi Angelique! I love your new blog! Your banner and the pink shade are simply divine :)

I recently changed my name to The Vintage Polka Dot. My dear friend Cindy of The Pixie's Thimble (formerly Pywackit Primitives) helped me choose the name. She's really good with words so on one of our telephone marathons we started tossing words around. When she said The Vintage Polka Dot it hit home with me. I love polka dots and I like using found vintage objects on my dolls and other items I make.

purango said...

I made my identity purango up.

Addie Hattie Prims said...

Hi Angelique,

Well, My name is Addie Hattie Prims. I picked in in honor of my Grandmothers. Adeline who could designed and made all my Mom's clothing when she was a child. My other Grandma, Hattie crochetted rugs, hugh rugs. I create Prim dolls. So that is how I got be known as
Addie Hattie Prims.

Gianna said...

It's my nickname that i've had forever :)

masonsgranny59 said...

ty 4 the entry :)

lilyk said...

I kept it it simple and used my first name and last initial for my online identity.

Swtlilchick said...

I choose my screen name on what my kids friends
called me .They would call me Sweet Little