26 March 2009

Miss Z forsakes her career and her upbringing

Original pencil and ink drawing by angelique on page 154 of the Compact Desk Edition of Webster’s New World Dictionary (1962), 6 x 9 in.

Webster’s defines the elephant as ‘a huge, thick-skinned mammal with a long, flexible snout,’ but they are so much more than this,” Miss Z writes in her treatise. “They are considerate creatures who go mad from monotony and resent the excessive demands on their bodies and their strength that circus training entails.”

Every night after she acquired the baby elephant, Miss Z had the same dream. In this dream, she was harried by a horned, red figure who asked her questions she did not want to answer. Is it natural for an elephant to stand on its hands? Why does he wear an iron bracelet? Does he enjoy having you dance on his forehead? Have you noticed the moon impaled on a pole about midway down the midway?

The meaning of this dream was clear: The baby was right to refuse.The circus was electrified by the news.
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simoart said...

I like your circus, it is a very creative piece. Keep up the good work.

dragonflies on lamp posts said...

I really like how you did this...

and I'll admit to being a nerd and loving the dictionary and to add the drawing to it, really ingenius.

angelique said...

I know what you mean, dragonflies. I am an editor and I have trouble using the dictionary because there are so many beautiful words to read there.

Brenda, The Vintage Polka Dot said...

ooooo, I love these!

giardigno65 said...

Beautiful !