24 March 2009

More goodies on the give-away pile.

Dear Readers,
Look what I've done now! More cleaning, and more stuff added to the pile. In addition to the items listed yesterday, included now are

three bags of trim
a bag of goldtone and pearl plastic buttons
a bag of trinkets
a bag of little flowers and miniature buttons in the shapes of crayons and scissors and deer
a couple of yards of fabric in various designs
another pretty 20-inch dress pattern
Grandma Molly (and grandkids) teddy bear pattern
Spice Bear pattern by Gemini Bears
four Byron Doll Patterns of fancy dresses for 22-inch dolls

Don't forget: In exchange for putting your name in the drawing, please tell how/why you chose the online name or blog or shop name you use.

Pass it on.

My friend Pea gave me a pocket she pulled off her sweater and said, "Can you do anything with this?" Can I do anything with it! I thought. Doesn't she know me by now?

I made Pea this little cat out of the pocket. I always learn something when I make a doll. This time I learned: Don't pour BBs directly into a loosely woven cloth doll. Why didn't I put them inside a little bag and tuck them inside? I will use that method next time, but it's too late for this little kitty, who occasionally poots out a BB. Pea brought me these two shapely little bowls from her brother-in-law's studio. Aren't they beautiful? The contrast between the roughened texture on the outside of the bowls and the smooth interiors is delicious. See more of Steve's work at LookWhatSteveMade.Copyright LookWhatSteveMade

I must have one of these.

You can visit Pea's Etsy shop (PatiR) for some fabulous earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. I like the style of her earrings, especially the ones with bees. Here's the necklace she calls "Sea and Sand."

Copyright PatiR

It makes me want a floppy hat with a long sea-green ribbon, very tanned feet, and a three-tiered skirt of white cotton gauze.


Thanks to those who have signed on as readers. (I don't like the term "followers". It makes me nervous to think people are following me.) I'm grateful to know I'm not talking to myself.



"Blog Artists" said...

Wow...seriously, I'm not sure if I should enter seeing as I'm all the way up in Canada and it would cost you a fortune to send...I think this is the greatest Giveaway ever! You should be given a blog award!
Our Blog name **We Blog Artists** is a simple one...my good friend Tam, lives all the way in England, which is where I was born.We needed to re-connect and stay in touch more...she's a very creative person and is a wonderful photographer and Artist. So we became "We Blog Artists"...I am now in Canada and am blogging more than Tam due to her little new addition(Beth, she's only 1 month old)...Tam's busy with newborn and 2 yr old.I am trying to keep up the posts. Back to work...and have fun with your blog! I'll be back(as a reader:-)

tatjana said...

Hello Angelique! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your kind comment :) And congratulations on your new blog, it looks great! I especially love your dolls, they're gorgeous! Will definitely be dropping by again :)

essie said...

What a great thing to do!
I bet you make people happy with this idea.


demmi said...

cool giveaway I came up with my shop name from my two cats that passed away con5459(at)gmail(dot)com

~Barb~ said...

OMG, the baby looks too funny laying in the box, all smily like that. LOL Totally cracked me up!
Peace & Love,
♥ Barb ♥

Rozz said...

Just using my nickname and part of our street number. Luv the victorian giveaway goodies.

Belinda said...

I call my blog The Birdcage because I have pet birds.
1bmore @ gmail . com