26 March 2009

New art collector, raise your hand

Dear Readers,
I never thought I would become a collector of art. I never buy other people's work because I prefer to decorate with my own. Well, I won't say "never" again. Because I did.

I was once a collector of books. It took three decades, divorce, a penchant for moving, and the vast possibilities of the Internet to break the habit. After divesting myself of thousands of books that I had mailed across country more than once and paid people to store and shuffle around, I made new regulations for myself: travel lightly, don't acquire things that gather dust, and save your money for that rainy day. But now...

I have collected one small piece of art. I can't describe what overcame me. I was catching up on blog reading, and I opened the Deadpan Alley blog. There, right before my very eyes, was a portrait of my creepiest self and my creepy little sister holding hands. (This would be after everyone we know is dead and we have to live together in a post-Apocolyptic world with various small dogs and a couple of my sister's grandkids.)

I shut the blog and went on to other lands. A little bug had attached itself to the back of my brain and was pinching. I came back and opened the page again. Still there, and still giving me that little jolt of... desire. I went over to the DeadpanAlley Etsy shop in hopes that someone had already bought the little portrait and I'd be spared. Nope.

Copyright Liese Martin, DeadpanAlley. Used with permission of the artist.

MISS-CREANTS is the name of the little duo! I couldn't help it. I felt this overwhelming... need. You know as well as I do that there is no denying this feeling when it hits. If you don't bend to it, the storm continues to grow until you buy something huge and ridiculous. Or eat something huge and delicious.

Deadpan Alley is a very cool Etsy shop run by Liese Martin. Her little bookish birds are what first attracted me. But the character sketches and her clever patter keep me going back. "ORIGINAL Illustrations for the price of a print!!!" boasts the shop announcement, like a barker in front of a tiny tent show.

I'll buy just the one thing, I think. I pay for my purchase before I can change my mind. I'm practically dancing because no one else can have it now, and I know where I'm going to display it. But one piece does not make a collection. And, besides, I already have my eye on another of Liese's tiny works--Miss-Informed from her Miss-Takes series. Hands off. And then there are those limited edition books of ACEOs...



dragonflies on lamp posts said...

Firstly, thank you so much for your kind words. I have added you to my little list so now I will be able to see when you post.

I am a collector of art, well, perhaps its more cheap art. I absolutely love black and white photos, I have them all over my living room.

But I have one piece of 'real' artwork that was given to me for Christmas from an uncle that past on (my favorite uncle, I admit). It is a gnarled tree done in blues, purples and silvers and hangs on the wall in my bedroom.

I love that painting. It is just beautiful and true.

I will have to go and check out this Etsy shop you recommend. I try not to dwaddle there too much because everything seems so enticing!

angelique said...

The following message made me laugh and laugh, so I wanted to post it here. I hope Liese doesn't mind:
It's the strangest thing...I finally got around to posting on a few blogs and nothing seemed to be coming up...finally I posted a comment on my OWN blog....not a sausage.

I feel as if I've written a novel and it blew away in the wind...*pouts*

I'm not sure if my posts got through to you, but the gist of my posts was:

yes, you may use the image on your blog and then I said some very clever and creepy things involving tiny shrines to you and the fact that I'll be needing a lock of hair and some personal effects to complete the project. Also I wanted to enter your drawing and so i came up with DeadpanAlley to match the blank/frowny look of my first illustration attempts last November. Then I went on to flatter you on your writing and artistic talent, and swore to send you a really cool free illustration when you buy "Miss-Informed". And I forget the rest.

Oh, and I like your bunny.

i think that's all i can remember.

i need a nap now.