16 April 2009

A ghostly apparition

I can only take decent photos in the sun. I've read a hundred tips, but I still do a crappy job if I'm trying to light an object. I know that photos sell your work, but I don't know if I'm ever going to learn to take those clear, clean shots I so admire.

So I sculpted a tiny little bunny girl 3.5 inches tall. She has a poseable body and I think she will wear a pair of bloomers and a pinafore. I tried to photograph her to show you, but I just couldn't do it. Unfortunately I forgot those camera lessons my sister gave me (she's a photographer) when I discovered that the sun covers a multitude of ineptitude.

But what do I do after dark? Here's the ghostly rabbit girl of Lexington. You'll see more of her soon. In the sun.


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I think this intriguing photo is the perfect tease!

And it does look rather ghostly!

Papermoonies said...

I love your little photo, its so cool looking.
Happy accident I call em.
It might be the camera your using.??
Thanks for your comment~!!!!

Lilly said...

How fabulous yet freaky is that? Love it!