03 April 2009

Ian Aspin cheers me up with his link and a correction tweet

Boy, I won't ever write another blog entry first thing in the morning. I got all excited about Ian Aspin and raved about his design, which Ian has kindly told me in a tweet actually belongs to moleitau. Good thing I'm quite used to making stupid mistakes.

So........ moleitau has this simple and cheerful graphic on flickr. It makes me smile just to look at it. (And you couldn't miss it in a dark room either.) Thank goodness he says, "for those of you who have asked, please go ahead and make posters, t-shirts etc... that was kind of the idea! BUT - pls. respect the (CC) Licence and don't sell it..." He's being very generous with his brain child, so don't sell it. No kidding.
moleitau also gives us a little insight into his creative process. He says the graphic was inspired by an article he read in the Guardian, "and being in a bit of a mood." Go to his flickr page for a link to the article and see what else he has to say about his design: shirts for a good cause. And let's hope he gets in a bit of a mood more often.

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