06 April 2009

Tristan Robin Blakeman and his enchanted revelry

I regularly read more than sixty blogs, and I know a good one when I come across it. If a blog doesn't please me, it's not long until I delete it from my list and move on. My reading is discerning because I don't have much time, and diverse because I have a huge vat of curiosity in the middle of my spirit. I read theraputic blogs, craft blogs, science blogs, and yoga blogs. Art, horror, classic Hollywood, dolls, fashion, AC/DC, and a few young people who remind me of former selves. I have discovered that the blogs that call me back post after post are the ones that are hung on the scaffold of a strong and interesting personality. That brings me to Tristan Robin Blakeman and his blog called Enchanted Revelry.

Tristan shares his work and the details of his life, but he is never self-absorbed. He knows who he is, has a distinctive voice, and knows his readers. He has a mannerly old-world attitude that takes you back further than you've been alive and makes you feel charming and charmed. This guy is a writer, readers. I always feel a little jolt of joy when I see that he has a new post. I feel good when I visit his spot.

He gives the best tours of any blogger I know. I feel like I'm right there and he's whisking me from room to elegant room, showing me what he likes and doesn't like, loaning me a little bit of his impeccable taste. My very favorite posts are on Beverly's Pink Saturdays. He finds an amazing collection of pink items and then offers his elbow and escorts the reader through it with clever and insightful banter. He's always generous with photos, like a fine magazine. If you enjoy style, wit, and, as Tristan describes it, "the ghosts of sparkle and the rich dignity of decayed splendor," don't delay.
Just in the past few days he has written two of my favorite posts. In the first, he takes us on a tour of silent film actress Colleen Moore's "nothing-short-of-incredible miniature fairy castle." Take the tour with Tristan in his Feeling a Bit Royal This Evening? In the second, The One and Only Original All New and Improved Real Pink Saturday Post, he takes us to the house across the street, describing the beauty of the building, pointing out the details, building suspense and excitement, only to dash us with disappointment equal to what he felt when he learned that inside the house is mistreated and drab, stripped of its most distinctive features.
Tristan Robin Blakeman, Enchanted Revelry

I feel good when I read this blog. I can't say it enough times. Afterward, I feel as though I've been to a fancy ball where I was extremely and charmingly welcome.

There's one more reason I like this blog, but I can't give Tristan credit for it. The rhythm of his language, the confident and confidential tone, the musical musings, remind me of my old friend Wells, and that makes me feel good too.
Don't let me forget that my original reason for writing this post was to tell you that Tristan is having a celebration of his 100th post. He's giving away a copy of Lisa Kettell's Altered Art Circus. I have a copy and, believe me, you'll page through it a hundred times, your mind whirling with ideas. Click on the bunny button and you'll be magically whisked to Enchanted Revelry, where Tristan lays out the rules of the game.

Congratulations on your one-hundreth blog post, Tristan.


dragonflies on lamp posts said...

I will have to check out this blog, I admit that I don't read as many as I would like - seems time gets all jumbled and lately with the side drama...

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Well, I can't find an email address anywhere for you, so I'll have to communicate with you here. I am simply gobsmacked by the oh-too-high praise you've given me...I don't even recognize myself! But I'm grateful and humbled. Thanks so much for your kind and generous words.

My mother would thank you as well. :-)

faerie enchantment said...

Tristan is wonderful, and I'm beyond happy about the giveaway. I'm so glad you enjoy the book. Stop by my sites for extra freebie images to use with the projects!

Have a magical day!

DeadpanAlley said...

this was a brilliant post and i LOVE Tristan's blog. I'm his newest fan. :) Thank you for sharing and for your charming writing.