13 May 2009

A compendium of my disorganized thoughts--and the winning name

I've been remiss in responding to the wonderful, creative names you all left for my bunnyatrix. I apologize and assure you that my mother taught me to do better than to leave my friends hanging in the air after they have done me a favor. 

I have learned that I can't be blogging while I'm making art, and I can't be making art while I'm blogging. So sad, because I love to do both of them. I have read the same lament on many other blogs. I won't be quitting my day job, so I'll have to resolve the issue somehow. 

I have numerous stories started that have not yet come to their natural conclusions, so I don't feel yet like posting them. Some people have suggested that I might post my stories in smaller installments. What do you think? Would you rather wait longer for a finished "episode," or would you enjoy reading smaller chunks of the story, with natural little cliff-hangers and foreshadowing (that would, I hope, keep you returning)? I could really use your opinions; perhaps some of you have already pondered this same question in respect to your own writing. Please leave a comment if you have the time.

Back to bunny. I love so many of the names you suggested for my paper doll that I will need to make other little adventurers to carry them: Indina Jones, Lila Cuttle, Sofie Swiftly, Cleo Cloudhopsky, Honey O'Hare, among many others. A number of people came up with Amelia Earheart, or some variation thereof, and that made me ask myself, Where in the world has my head been? Why didn't I think of that? It seems so perfect that her name should be something related to the great aviatrix. (I actually used an old photo of Amelia to get ideas for the bunny's costume and still didn't think of playing off her name.)

So I knew this name was perfect the moment I read it: Amelia Hareart, which was suggested by talented blogger, crafter, quilter, storyteller, finder of vintage treasures, and super duper bunny namer, Tristan Robin Blakeman. If you have not sampled Tristan's blog, I urge you to do so. (Finish reading this post first, please.)

So, Tristan, I will send you an Amelia Hareart sheet so that you can construct your own little bunnyatrix--if you want. But I will also tell you that I have on my work table a couple of boy paper dolls--a badger and a fox--and you are welcome to wait for one of those if you would rather. And thank you so much for the name. It's perfect.

And thanks to all of you who posted suggestions. If I use your name for a future paper doll sheet, I will send you a copy and give you credit.

I will post again today/this evening to let you know how to win a pair of Pea's earrings. I may have to give her a present to make up for my neglect.

Oh, one more thing. I learned from Maddie (skullsonstuff) that there is a steampunk name generator. That's going to come in handy.


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

oh, wow!
I didn't know this was a contest! I thought it was just "playing around" fun! I should have read more carefully! LOL
I'm totally psyched.
Gee - and I even get a CHOICE of prizes?! How amazing is that?
I will leave it totally up to you. I think your bunny doll is adorable - but I love foxes - and a badger is pretty darned cool, too!
You make the choice for me. I love all your work.
And thank you so much!

SugarCain said...

I'm glad you're pleased. Okay, I'll choose. I work kind of slowly, but one day when you don't expect it, you'll receive a little treat. Will you send your mailing address to me at your convenience?

Yay. You're welcome.


Hypnotransformations said...

Hello, Thanks for following my blog. =) Very interesting question you've posed about long posts or short ones with cliff hangers.I have been struggling with the same question. I like the idea of shorter posts that I can read quickly. I think I would look forward to "the rest of the story".
I really like your blog, Keep up the good work...

SugarCain said...

Welcome, hypnotransformations. Thank you for addressing my question. I am still pondering it. I often rewrite and rewrite, and posting bits of the story kind of locks it in. Of course, a blog is not a book, and maybe I should just loosen up a little.

I have used hypnosis for years and it has had a positive effect on several areas of my life... rerouting habits, controlling pain, and getting over a fear of dentists and monkeys (true!). I'm glad I found your blog.