26 May 2009

Introducing Pea, guest blogger and jewelry maker

The entries!

Mixing it up!

And the winner is...

Lezanac! Thank you all very much for entering and visiting my shop. I really appreciate the comments and I loved seeing the diversity of “favorites”. I feel I’m on the right track with making pieces that are appealing for a variety of jewelry lovers. I’ll just keep plugging along and doing what I love and hopefully I’ll have an even bigger and better selection when the economy picks up.

My newest earrings: Copper 'n' Chestnuts, made with hand-carved leaves of real chestnut wood.

I really love making jewelry, for myself, my friends and for my shop. I have a nice little workshop space and I love to get out different components and let the pieces evolve. Many times what I started out to make becomes something totally different as my hands fly to a different bead here or a different metal there.

Maggie, acrylic on canvas

I find that process is a lot like painting. You may start out with an idea and even a sketch but the colors and the images in your mind take over and then the fun begins. Because I have a “real” job during the day I have to make my jewelry in the evening, sometimes very late in the evening. When I get up in the morning I’ll take a look at what I made the night before and sometimes I can’t even remember how a certain piece came to be. I love the feeling of being entranced and surprised and excited. That is how the creative process works best and it’s what keeps me interested in learning and doing more.

Cat Family, acrylic on canvas

I am currently learning about polymer clay and PMC so that I can begin making some my own beads. I will continue to mix vintage, handmade, found and collected components to make future pieces. Of course there will always be crystals and glass for a bit of sparkle whenever possible. I love the light it gives to the jewelry and to the wearer.

Thank you again your entries and I hope you will continue to visit Sugarcain’s amazing blog and both of our etsy shops.

A special thank you goes to Sugar Cain for opening up her fabulous blog to me and my earring give-away. She’s a special person with a generous heart and is so supportive of me and all the other creative sorts out there. We have many great discussions that help me get moving and excited about my work. She’s given me great advice and turned me on to so many great sites, fellow bloggers, good books, and just the weird and wonderful world around us. She is a woman of incredible talents and the proud owner of an amazing brain that she’s always putting to very good use.

Lake Cumberland, Kentucky, a beautiful place to spend Memorial Day weekend with friends.

As a special thanks to all who entered the give-away, we both are offering a 10% discount off any items purchased from our shops from today through Sunday, May 31, 2009. Go to PatiR (earrings) or Sugarcain (little sweets and tarts) to make your purchases. Etsy requires a simple registration process; it only takes a minute to sign up. Then make your selection and contact the shop owner through etsy (on the right side of the screen you’ll see a “contact” link) and let us know what you are purchasing. We will adjust the price and put up a special listing for you , then e-mail you back so you can make your purchase.



lezanac said...

Thank you so much I just emailed my info and can't wait to wear my new earrings

SugarCain said...

Congratulations, lezanac. There were more than 80 entries, so you are a lucky girl today.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

congratulations to the lucky winner!

Sweet Pea said...

lezanac, I love winning things, it's such fun and I'm glad you entered--and won. I hope you will be pleased with the earrings. Unless you're the shy sort, send us a photo wearing the earrings when you get them. They will be on their way to you soon.