15 June 2009

Switching gears

I once started a blog that I subtitled "my purely positive blog". I started this blog on the shallow end of an exhausted depression, while the house plants were still alive but the curtains had already been closed. I thought I could use the writing - the routine of the writing - as a flotation device to save me from drowning. That's it, I thought, I'll find the positive in every situation. It would have been nice to have developed that talent, I think. As I remember it, I wrote a post every day for eight days. That's it.

When I started this blog, I didn't think far in advance of... well... starting. Now that we've got the speed up to about 30 mph, I'm going to grab hold of the steering wheel and turn us in a direction not everyone might like to come. If you have to excuse yourself, I understand.

I've traded in my learners permit for an official drivers license, and I'm taking this baby for a spin. I don't care to choose a destination, but I have scribbled out a little map.

Want to come along for a ride? Okay. Hop in. As my granny used to say, I'll carry us down the road a ways.

For you who are bloggers, why did you start? Did you have a message, or a need to communicate, or a marketing plan? Do you think about your readers when you write, or do you write to suit yourself, make a record, entertain?

Those of you who read blogs, what makes you return to a certain blog post after post? Are you more interested in the topics or theme, or the person writing?


Lydia said...

I love the map!! I started with nothing like this clear direction. I started blogging during a very very rough spot and I just wanted an escape. It got a life of its own and is really the center of my days now. The people I've connected with, the fun I've had, the things I've learned. Less a giving experience than a receiving one, IMHO.

Your next question is harder. I would probably have to say the person, and the images.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

The map certainly points the way, doesn't it?!

I didn't start blogging with any goals - it just seemed like a fun thing to do, so I did it.

Love, Love, LOVE that car!

Sweet Pea said...

I don't blog yet but I love reading blogs. I find other peoples lives fascinating. It connects me to other people that I would otherwise not have the chance to meet. We often make judgments about people based on their physical appearance or age and may not take the time to find out that they are fascinating; talented; have an amazing life story; have an important message etc. Blogging lets you relate to so many people and opens up your world. I love blogs that have great writing, interesting stories, tutorials, recipes or useful health advice, interesting photos and art and most importantly the blogs that makes me think. I'm happy to say your blog covers most of that territory so I'm ready for the road trip!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Hmmm. Interesting questions. I don't even remember why I started. Originally, I only blogged on MySpace and had it set to let my friends only read it. Then, I decided to take it on the road (kind of like you!). I like to find the hilarious and insane happenings in every day life and make that a topic, if I can. Otherwise, I just blather about whatever is on my mind. I do think about my readers (and try not to be offensive to anyone - I have a bad habit of saying whatever is on my mind). I love reading blogs that keep me entertain, people who share their own trials, tribulations and victories - I just like getting to know people.

Gorilla Bananas said...

I blog to help humans discover their inner ape.

The Gossamer Woman said...

I started to blog to reveal myself, because I had a story to tell and I needed to share it. Now I blog because I think I want to be amusing and interesting and always get feedback on the things I do and say and witness, like I would if I had a large family or group of friends around me to share my life with. I also blog to improve my writing skills. It helps me write short stories, though I never borrow story lines.

I read other blogs because I am endlessly curious and a natural reader and I like the challenge of a well written post. I care about what happens in people's lives and how they deal with it. I like how people have a fighting spirit and how you can learn from that or from their humor. Especially if it's self deprecating. The other boggers become your friends, that's what I like.

powdergirl said...

I'm very sorry to hear that you have to struggle with the beast of depression.

Why do bad things happen to nice people?

I write because I choke on myself if I don't.
I used to put it all on paper and eventually sort it all out, but I found that the commenters are so delightful that I seldom write only to myself anymore, though on some topics I still do keep it in the drawer. Hard to believe, I know, if you've read me, but yeah, there's somethings even I keep to myself ; )

I come back to different blogs for different reasons, mainly a real deep interest in people in general, sometimes for the humor, sometimes for the comfort of a saner voice than my own, and sometimes just because I like the person on the other end. The world is teeming with interesting people I've never met.

I adore your creativity, the map is incredible, and I think you've a lovely way with words : D

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