27 June 2009

Update from the reunion

Just a quick note to say that the drive to Tennessee to the family reunion was uneventful and pleasant. We passed up a lot of chances to create fireworks.

The roads are narrow but scenic. The bad part of the day was that the temperature reached 97 (heat index 105 degrees F), there was a minor blow-up concerning sleeping arrangements, and I don't enjoy kids. The food was good, and I managed not to eat bad things. I really did.

I wanted to stop at Dinosaur World, but the schedule wouldn't allow it. After all, I had the buns for the cookout.
I promise more news and photos tomorrow. Stay tuned.


The Green Stone Woman said...

Good to hear from you and I hope your buns were a success.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Somehow I missed the reunion post, but now I can catch up with all the details!

SugarCain said...

Hello, you two. I just got back and now I have scads of blog posts to catch up with. Yay. I missed you two especially.

BTW, my buns are always a big success.

The Green Stone Woman said...

You have the best buns statewide, it's a fact, you are famous for them. I heard the rumors all the way over here. Good to have you back, though. Let the story telling continue!