05 July 2009

The Twitter girls want pictures

My friend Pea and I took these photos at lunch so we can use them for future sky paintings.

This is for Mariam. The stupid look on my face comes from trying to use the timer on my camera. "I wonder why this darn camera won't--oh. It did work..."


The Green Stone Woman said...

Mysterious stranger you just happened to run across?

SugarCain said...

Ha ha. I published before I was finished with my post. This is my Woodsman. Is he not beautiful?

powdergirl said...

You two make a lovely pair,
The Woodsman and The Redhaired Lass.
I like it!

Maggie May said...

When ever I have a photo taken, I usually start to talk or something! Good to meet you though............
Lovely to see your photos and the great blog.
Thank you for following me!

Lydia said...

I have had that #(*$& when is it gonna take the pic many a time, wee lassie! It's adorable!! You are even cuter irl. I want red hair. We have the same glasses.

I'm impressed with the togetherness you are exhibiting by wearing earrings. I can't remember the last time I remembered them!!


HA - my WV is "ilater" ilater will have fun, now I gotta work!

Retro Jordan said...

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