02 July 2009

Understand Blue's blog webinar

I'm live blogging from a webinar presented by Lydia Fiedler of Understand Blue. She is showing us how to set up and maintain a blog. She's a hoot, and she knows what she's talking about.

I may be behind the times, but I am amazed at this webinar thing (even though that is a stupid sounding name). The Woodsman was not the least bit amazed, because he attends webinars all the time at work. So I'd be glad to tell you more, but I suspect you already know.

I followed a link from Lydia's email message and went to a site called "GoToMeeting." The name reminds me of the Sunday go to meetin' something in that Blues Brothers song. After downloading a little bitty thing called "GoToMeeting Quick Connect," I was in a chat room with Lydia.

I liked hearing Lydia's western drawl. She gave me a mini-tutorial while we waited for the others to show up. I know, I'm old, but I was also amazed by the fact that I could see everything on Lydia's computer screen. Even her cursor moving.

Lydia loves Google. Everything Google. But she doesn't work for Google. She just loves it.

Ooops. The webinar is heating up, so I'm going to have to pay attention. I'll tell you all about it later.

Okay, I'm back.

Lydia taught us a hundred things about Google, Blogger, Analytics, Feed Burner, SiteMeter, and all you need to know to start a blog. Right now. Tonight. If you are computer confused like me, let Lydia know what you need to know, and she'll teach you too.

As amazed as I might have been, I couldn't at first get the hang of the software. I was making myself laugh. I could hear Lydia speaking through my headset, but she had muted the participants to avoid feedback. I just couldn't stop trying to speak to her out loud, even when it came to saying, "Something is wrong with the sound. I can't hear you."

Any webinar from Understand Blue is highly recommended. Lydia takes questions as she makes her presentation and tailors the discussion to the participants' interests.

And my favorite thing: Every once in a while, Lydia would breathe slowly into the microphone like a tiny horse in a far off land called Texas.


The Green Stone Woman said...

I like the fact that she breathed like a horse. At least she provided some humor in the webinar. It sounds expensive and not like something I can afford.

Lydia said...

HAHHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! did I breathe like a horse????

Love the live blogging!!!!

SugarCain said...

Irene, Lydia's stuff isn't expensive. You don't need it; I know you're real good at figuring things out on your own. You're always changing things, and your blog is very attractive.

No, sweet Lydia. Just every once in a while you would breathe softly into the microphone and I imagined a tiny horse. It wasn't unattractive. I have scads of notes from the webinar. Thanks thanks thanks.

Lilly said...

That actually sounds exciting. And no I have never heard of them before. I have to go and find out more now.

Retro Jordan said...

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