18 July 2009

Wanted: Big old personalities blogging frequently

I just love some of the blogs I read, and the bloggers who write them. I will share three of my favorites with you today. I hope you'll recommend others to me, because a lot of my regulars are taking it easy this summer, and I need a lot of reading to be happy.

As I've said before, I like a blog that is pinned to a big old personality; creative use of the English language and frequent blogging are also highly appreciated.

powdergirl. This woman - demolition expert, mother, sassy girl, big-shoe lover, and hell of a writer - is just GOOD. She is high-strung and good hearted and hails from British Columbia. Tough with a soft squishy heart in the center. This week she wrote about her regret at having killed a hummingbird. No tiny bird has received a more poetic eulogy. She has a fine sense of language and priorities. Every post is a delicious mixture of laughter and truth, and she is a master of the short character study. And she's got a mouth on her. The fuse is lit... and it ain't gettin' any longer.

Irene, the Green Stone Woman, writes about mental health. She does this by posting daily about her own mental state and her quiet life in the Netherlands. Irene has the added perspective of having lived in the states for a number of years. She is open, humorous, and deeply insightful. She is in tune with current events, and she comments on all manner of cultural and political phenomena, but most of what she writes is deeply personal. Her life has not been easy, and it still isn't. Because I suffer from depression and mood swings myself, I read with interest as she discovers and reveals herself. To read Irene's blog is to go on the interior journey with this remarkable woman because she has the ability to lay herself bare without apology. I don't suppose I'll ever meet her in person, but I deeply admire this strong and unique woman and would love to share coffee and cigarettes and a piece of cheese with her. I feel love and concern for her. I feel better because of her. I have learned so much from her. Thank you, Irene.

Lilly's Life. Lilly is an Australian woman with an interest in world affairs. She's smart and funny and has good journalistic instincts. She usually ends her blog posts with a question or assignment, which generates a lot of interesting comments from all over the world. She writes about Rupert Murdock and Mark Sandford and the world economy and her wonderful father. I'm half in love with Des, who is in poor health but not so that he can't play matchmaker and guest blogger. She also writes messages to her grown daughter and comments on the everyday things with humor and insight. The most beautiful post I've read on Lilly's blog is The Day Isaam Came to Live with Us. If you don't cry when you read this story, Lilly's probably not for you. She's on vacation right now, but there is plenty of good back reading there.

One of the things I love most about the blog universe is that it is global. Yeah, most of my life I've heard people lament the state of American education and how we don't place a high value on learning about other cultures. But I never realized the size of this lapse until I started reading blogs of people in other countries. The simple things I have to look up! Facts I should have known since sixth grade. I'm appalled at the gaps in my knowledge - and happy to learn. Always.

Next time I recommend blogs, I'll tell you about a group of crafty people I adore. In the past I've reviewed a few other blogs:

Tristan Robin Blakeman and his Enchanted Revelry
Dave King's Pics and Poems

So, who do you love reading?


Lydia said...

You know what is so interesting about it - is that so many people love to write, and describe. They probably wouldn't call it writing, if asked, because almost everyone I know says they hate to write. And yet there are so many bloggers.

I love so many - I would have to say that you and Gary are my newest faves - Gary at www.xlsior.blogspot.com - because you are storytellers in the most elevated sense of the word.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I love you and powdergirl. I will have to check out your other two links.

One blog that makes me laugh almost everytime is rachellucas.com. She's a Texan who has been transplanted to England with her husband recently.

Little Dickens Designs said...

What a great blog post! Let me go look at my blog roll and pick out a few....

http://themamadramalogues.blogspot.com/ - because so much of it is fitting to my life right now

http://lifeasafiveringcircus.blogspot.com/ - some gorgeous art & photos to look at

http://rose-creates.blogspot.com/ - talks a lot about her creative process, barriers, etc.

http://prudentadviceformybabydaughter.blogspot.com/ - a collection of 500 pieces of advice a woman is giving her baby daughter

I could go on all night...

dragonflies on lamp posts said...

I really love this entry. I have been reading but unfortunately not noting regularly...alright, at all!!

I will check out these blogs you've recommended.

The Green Stone Woman said...

Thanks sweetie, you're a peach.

I enjoy reading your blog and Dave King's, whom I discovered through you and I will now try Powder Girl.

I'll have to come back and tell you which other ones I like. My mind is almost a complete blank now, but that happens all the time, although I must say I like Potty Mummy and Missing You Already. They have little kids and I like their antics and it is nostalgic for me.

I also like Around my Kitchen Table. I like middle aged women who bitch about things rightfully. I'll think of more later, I promise.