24 August 2009

Birthday greetings from Brown-eyed Pea

You've reached the second stop on the UBlue birthday blog hop. If you didn't start at the beginning, you can go back to Angelique's post here.

What Do You Mean You've Never Met Your Best Friends?
Understanding BLUE

Sometimes I think back and wonder how it all happened?  How did we all meet?  Was it that little BLUE bird on Twitter who flew by each of us and guided us to Follow each other?  Whatever, the details are unimportant. 

 What IS important is the Friendship. The Bonding. The Communion of Like Souls. The Support. The Love.  
And that gets back to the query of How You Can Love Someone You've Never Met.

I found a group of Like People. Caring People who understood that fur creatures are just as beloved as flesh. 
~Witty people who make me laugh everyday. 
~Loving people who cheer me up when I'm sad and give me a hug when I need one.
~Creative People who express their creativity in many ways and know that you not only do not have to color within the lines but it is better to color outside them. And also that squirrels most certainly are BLUE!

And on your birthday, Lydia, you who "like to give giffies", have given us the most wonderful gift of all.
You have taught us to UNDERSTAND BLUE.


The next stop on the UBlue birthday blog hop is Leslie at The Crooked Stamper.


Lydia said...

It's sooooo true!! I don't understand how all this happened, but what a luck girl I am to have found you friends!! I look forward to every day in our little blue birdy world, and you always make me smile with your sweetness. I love the challenge you have presented me with your lack of LOST watching as well. Strangely enough, my WV is sublost, as in, my beloved @browneyedpea is sublost right now, but if @paperbat and @stampinlibby and I keep working on her, she will be LOST. :)

Thank you soooo much.

PS - the banner is just killing me with cuteness on each stop!!

Patti B said...

Sugar Snap...you're the sweetest :) xoxo

Dreena Guptill said...

Beautiful and heartfelt post!!


Nishant said...

I love the challenge you have presented me with your lack of LOST watching as well.

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