24 August 2009

Happy birthday, Lydia!

Last week (was it only last week?) Lydia taught a number of us how a blog hop works, and we had fun writing posts about bacon. Now we decided to use what she taught us to celebrate her birthday. We have been sneaking around behind her back all week.

BTW, Lydia also gave me a lot of pointers on making a banner, so I put together the birthday banner using the cute little blue squirrel that Patricia Monkey drew especially for this occasion. Lydia loves blue. And squirrels and all other baby animals (except monkeys) too. (And if a monkey baby really needed her, I'm sure she'd get over her monkey fears for that instant. That's just the kind of girl she is.)

Lydia loves blue. She understands it. I've been shopping online all week for blue things. Here is the cake I found for her. I'm sure it's yummy inside.

Have you ever noticed how something blue in nature really catches your eye? The sky makes the earth more beautiful, and any little piece of blue among the greens of summer satisfies my craving for beauty. I think of Lydia when I notice a flash of this particular shade.

Lydia seems to have the bluebird of happiness riding on her shoulder. Although she can be fierce at injustice, she is just about the sweetest woman I've ever met. She is always busy, and yet she always has time for others.

I found Lydia some socks that combine two of her favorite things: cats and blue. She loves her furkids Maddie and Splotchy, and she even made Maddie famous by designing a rubber stamp and t-shirts depicting her. I know Lydia likes her toes to be free, but since these are virtual socks, she might wear them on a chilly night.

I recently saw a little squirrel sleeping on a branch. I'd never seen that before. I immediately thought of showing it to Lydia because she loves squirrels. I think blue squirrels are a symbol of creativity for her. Anyway, my photo didn't turn out so well. Someone else, however, took this wonderful shot that shows how a squirrel nap looks. As much as she accomplishes, I'm not sure if Lydia sleeps at all.

Lydia's birthday wouldn't be complete if I didn't include a piece of artwork for her.

Happy birthday, Lydia.
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Libby Hickson said...

Such a nice post - love all the photos you gathered for Lydia!

Lydia said...


First of all, I'm crying through this whole post about how sweet you are!!!!!!! I cannot believe you did this!! And a birthday blog hop is kind of eternal on top of everything else!!

What a start to my day..

Those blue squirrels are beautiful!! Look at their big blue eyes. <3 And you are right - I LOVE those socks!!

And did you already know that the Chagall window is my favorite piece of art in the entire world, or did you get lucky?

I don't deserve you and your kindness and your sense of humor and your selection of perfect gifts that touch me and make me laugh!!

You can squirm all you want, but I'm hugging you, my sweet little paperbat!!!

I'm going to eat my fancy cake and pat my sleepy squirrel while I keep going.

I'm truly truly touched & overwhelmed.




wv: resse - I can't wait to read the resse after this incredible beginning!

Mariam Kobras said...

@paperbat :))))

Those socks are too nice, you know.

Leslie Hanna said...

Lovely blue gifts! So thoughtful. ;-)

Lydia said...

Okay I just finished the hop, and man are my legs tired.

Tee hee....

Wow. You amaze me.

Love my little paperbat, i do.

Jenn in GA said...

can i play too? i didn't know about this little bloggie hop, but i have a post in honor of our gal pal Lydia today too!

check out mine at:


if it's not there right away, it will be today at some point! i'm not sure what time zone blogger's on. mine's scheduled for 9a.

great idea, paperbat!

gary guetzlaff said...

lookin good, paperbat. i like the collection of blue things. appreciate your coordination. it was fun.

Patti B said...

What a FUN bday party. My legs are tired too! whew.... from Cali to Kentucky! Good thing there was lots of cake :)

Dreena Guptill said...

GREAT post! GREAT times. Wonderful tribute :) I love that little banner and collection of blue things.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea!! And she does deserve it all. Loved it. Have a great day, Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne