16 August 2009

Twitter Bacon Blog Hop

Welcome to the first annual Twitter Bacon Blog Hop.

With apologies to my vegetarian friends, I love bacon. I have never been without bacon - sweet and salty, crisp and smokey. I was raised on bacon, and I have also raised bacon.

I would eat these donuts in a minute. You know how the yummy goodness of bacon flares up into culinary delight when paired with a sweet flavor like maple. That's the magic of bacon: it enhances and expands. Like a good partner, bacon makes anything more than it is by itself.

In my family, bacon was a cost-saving measure. Mom could serve a big pan of fresh green beans and new potatoes or soup beans with little slivers of carrot and onion and flavor a whole dish with six slices of bacon. Throw in a skillet of cornbread, and you have a meal.

In my childhood, bacon nearly always came with breakfast, my favorite meal. Mom believed in sending us off to walk the six blocks to school with a hot meal in our bellies: eggs and bacon, waffles and bacon, biscuits and bacon, bacon gravy over toast with little slices of boiled egg. You can taste it, can't you? Waking up to that sizzly smell made me feel as though we were rich, although later I learned that we were not quite poor.

When my mom and my aunts were feeling festive, bacon was always served up as an offering to the gods. Bacon was an appetizer, a garnish, a salad topping, the best part of the baked beans, the "B" in the BLT, a pan-liner for grandma's meatloaf. Party food. We cared nothing for calories or the glycemic index. We liked bacon: wrapped around chicken livers, skewered on kabobs, crumbled on a cheese log, one of the layers in the seven-layer salad, sprinkled on top of the melted Velveeta dip. My mouth is starting to water just thinking of it. Is yours?

As the women in my family grow older, they develop figures that look disturbingly like sparrows or robins, a heavy torso that absorbs the waist and consigns us to a life of fashion separates. Why? Because we love bacon! We make no apologies. I'll even eat that little piece of fatty pork they stick in the pork and beans. Every one of us pours bacon grease into a container and keeps it on the back of the stove until a recipe "calls for it."

I call for it. Bring me bacon! Not turkey bacon.

One more thing.

Dear Red the pig,

When we were feeding you all that good slop and buckets of corn and pig chow and scratching your back with a cob and riding you around the barn, we truly did not know that later that year we would eat you. But even when we found out, we couldn't help ourselves. The universe is a weird place. Thank you for the bacon.


Following is an easy quick recipe you can use to make a tray of what my dad always called horse doovers:

Bacon Scallop Roll-ups

Make as many as you want. People like to eat them.

For each appetizer, place a scallop on a water chestnut and wrap in a half a slice of thin bacon. Secure with a cocktail pick. Place on a metal pan about an inch apart. Bake at about 400 degrees (F) until the bacon is crisp. Place on paper to drain. Serve immediately. Smile as your guests make umm ummmmmmmm sounds and look heavenward.

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Thanks to Lydia for getting me out of my blog funk. I'll be back tomorrow.


Lisa Page said...

Gawd! Y'all write so much better than I do. I want some of those donuts NOW! Good job!

Dreena Guptill said...

Great post! The LOL Cat pic was all of us yesterday!

I must say this....bacon for meatloaf pan liner.....OH YESS! My husband will love me even more (if that's possible!)

Lydia said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Ending with that picture has me ROLLING!!!

Oh my - Even though it violates my one meat rule I have to say, that meatloaf sure sounds good!!

Leslie Hanna said...

I used to love to dip my bacon in the pancake syrup, but I am not so sure I could handle bacon donuts. That's just not right ... :-)

Monique said...

My son said he would sooooo eat the bacon donuts! Great bacon post. Thanks for sharing!

gary guetzlaff said...

where do you get bacon donuts? That looks like one of Nature's perfect foods!

Leigh said...

Bacon and Scallops...nothing better.

ackstay said...

Your writing keeps us coming back. My mom would make bacon for us all the time. She even cooked it up for my dad on week days (two heart surgeries later he has decreased his bacon intake).

Thanks for sharing the memories!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I love bacon too and keep a container of grease (although I put mine in the fridge). Nothing like eggs scrambled in bacon grease! Yum. I was a vegetarian for 9 yrs and I really missed tacos and bacon!

powdergirl said...

Bacon doesn't do much for me, but I love the smell when its cooking.

Bacon on a donut? I can't show this to my husband, I think he'd leave me for food like that!

Poor old Red, oh well, he had a good life.

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Mmmmmm bacon! Great read! Growing up on the farm, my BamBam (aka Grandma) always wanted to teach me to butcher a pig. I used to make sausages with my Grandpa, but I always thought BamBam was gross for the butchering idea. Now, I really regret not learning it. Thankfully she's still around to teach me things, though we sold the farm. P.S. familiar with James Taylor's song Mona? It's lovely. :o)

javieth said...

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