05 January 2010

Dance like #612 Moe - Chihuahua

I love dogs, but I had no intention of adopting another one anytime soon--until someone sent me an email link to a little Chihuahua named Moe, who was living out at the Anderson County animal shelter, where they do euthanize dogs when they are overcrowded.

In the ad on Petfinder, he looked so sad and pitiful. The shelter was offering a bargain on adoption fees in hopes of enticing people to rescue animals before the holidays. I kept checking back to see if someone had adopted him, but there Moe sat.

Finally I decided I had to go see him. Perhaps there would be a reason we weren't right for each other. He'd be too grouchy or ugly or mean. He'd make it plain that he didn't want to live with me. It would be obvious that he would never fit into our furry little family. If we didn't like each other, then I would wish him the best and stop thinking about him.

Nope. He was a teeny little big-headed imp who weighed less than four pounds but didn't seem to notice. I just loved his attitude. And he loved me as soon as I understood that his business was to dance and mine was to feed him dry cereal for his trouble.

He sleeps curled up on my shoulder with his head in the hollow of my neck. He makes little baby noises when I cuddle him. He bites me whenever he wants to express his displeasure. We're working on that, but after all he is a Chihuahua.

He dances so joyously. First he throws his arms up over his head, then he spins on his back legs so fast that I'm not yet sure how he does it. He throws himself into it, turns 360 degrees, stops on a dime for Rice Chex or a pretzel. If I don't have something edible to offer, he spins again. And again.

He makes me laugh. A smile is worth a million bucks some days.

He makes me think, too. Makes me tell myself, I should dance joyously again sometime.

P.S. After a day at our house being called "the little guy," #612 Moe revealed that his secret dog name is Bob Bobby Boblet Bobert.


Lydia said...


You love him.

Thank God you found each other.

I can't believe the dancing pic.

I cried. :)

Anonymous said...

Bobby and Batty, that is just the best!

Lisa said...

This made me smile, cry, laugh, smile, & cry some more. I am so happy that you found each other!! What a blessing. He's adorable!!

xoxo - Lisa (papergrace)

Lisa said...

My fave is the second photo- where he is lying on the arm of the couch. He's gorgeous!

You know what? I think he likes you too! ♥

leslie said...

Tearing up here, too. What a sweetie - BOTH of you! Bobby is so lucky you have a soft heart. He looks happy and healthy and loved. And I think he has YOU trained: I will dance until I get a treat!

Just precious. Thank you for sharing him with us.


Leslie Hanna said...

PS: LOVE the blog header!

powdergirl said...

I can only find one little mistake,
"A smile is worth a million bucks some days."

I thin a smile is worth million bucks everyday.

What a little doll, I'm not usually a small-dog lover, I like the big go-for-throat-and-get-there killer breeds, but I've totally got soft spot for your liitle menagerie of smile inducers.

I'm glad the 2 of you found each other. How's the happy couple liking the new kid?

Sweet Pea said...

What a clever baby. I'm so glad you could save him. He lives to dance another day!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Oh, what a sweetie he is! You need to tape him dancing to Beyonce's "Single Ladies". That would be too adorable. I'm glad you felt called to meet him. Match made in Heaven!

Carol Spence said...

We should all dance like a chihuahua. And we should all be as lucky as Bob. Bless you both.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

This is the second found-a-wonderful-pet story I've read today.

I'm so happy that people like you take care of these abandoned and wonderful animals!

Dreena Guptill said...

EEE! I love his dancing!

Audrey said...

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