02 January 2010

The Twilight Zone

I don't stay up to watch the ball drop anymore on new years eve. 

Instead I watch hour after hour of The Twilight Zone on Syfy, supplemented by Wikipedia's list of episodes. The program, first broadcast during my formative years, helped me answer the age old questions for myself and became a part of my world philosophy (and also scared me so badly I'd lie in bed and ponder the mysteries long after the light was switched out). I swear that I still make decisions based on lessons I learned from Rod Serling.

In the twilight zone, life is fair. Steal, and you will never live to enjoy what you've taken. Lie, and the lie will come true in a way that will force you to lie in the bed you made. Lose your faith and find yourself tested and found wanting. Maintain a childlike sense of wonder and the universe will protect you from yourself. Offend nature and be quickly reminded of the fact that you are a mere mortal animal. Refuse to understand another's perspective and find yourself in a similar position when next you wake.

Too bad that real life is not more like The Twilight Zone, where the good are rewarded and the bad are punished in ironic ways.

P.S. My favorite episode is the one in which Old Man Simpson is saved from the fires of hell by his love for his old woman Rachel and his coon hound Rip.


powdergirl said...

Huh, I never saw that shpw, but it sounds like they had social justice all figured out.

Leslie Hanna said...

I used to watch the Twilight Zone occasionally when I was a pup, but must have been too young (or innocent) to recognize how deep it was.

Back when I still had cable, I caught the end of an episode (maybe it was on TVLand) that ended with a guy who loved books in what he thought was heaven, cuz he was surrounded by books. Then he stepped on his glasses and could not see. I guess he'd been bad, huh? :-)

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I can remember watching new Twilight Zones with my mother every week...I usually loved them, though sometimes they were very scary! I remember there was one that had all kinds of strange creatures in a specimen jars that had images I recall to this day! I would like to see that episode today and see if it's as scary as I remember LOL.

I also remember the episode mentioned above about the reader. It was an amazing set design as I recall - an entire city built from books.

Does anything affect us baby boomers like the tv of our youth? LOL Think kids will have the same fond memories of CSI:Miami or Dancing with the Stars?

Sweet Pea said...

The guy who stepped on his glasses is also one of the most memorable to me. He went from heaven to hell in one small crunch! I also loved the one where another dimension opened up under a little boy's bed. He and his dog got lost there for a while. I don't remember the end but I was afraid of even looking under my bed for years! TZ is a perfect TV nugget.